Bundaberg Free Initial Assessment

Bundaberg Free Initial Assessment

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Bundaberg Free Initial Assessment

Health First Bundaberg has a number of experienced Physiotherapists available to service your Free Initial Assessment. Our Physiotherapy clinic is conveniently located in Bundaberg, has on-site car parking available, and is NDIS registered.

What Is A Free Initial Assessment?

At Health First Group, our complimentary initial assessment lasts for around 20 minutes during which our team will ask you some questions and perform physical tests to determine the nature and severity of your issue or concern. In the assessment, you will discover an accurate diagnosis, your prognosis as well as how Physiotherapy will help solve your problem.

What Happens When The Assessment Is Complete?

Should you decide to proceed with treatment after your assessment, an extra 20-minute session will be immediately initiated, at the cost of a standard consultation.

What If I Do Not Wish To Proceed?

No problem! If you do not wish to proceed to a standard consultation, please make it known to your physio and they will cease the assessment free of charge.

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Nikki Didsman

Nikki Didsman


Nikki's interests lie in sporting rehabilitation and injury prevention amongst athletes across all sports. Nikki generally enjoys all aspects of musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Ronnie Erasmus

Ronnie Erasmus


Ronnie specialises in treating shoulders, lower back pain, and vestibular issues, such as vertigo, with a strong emphasis on enhancing patients' strength and balance. His expertise in human mobility and stability informs tailoured treatment plans, promoting holistic recovery in specialised physiotherapy areas.

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