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Physiotherapy and complementary allied health services for older people can be essential in keeping you mobile, safe and happy for as long as possible. Our team of allied health professionals are experienced in treating all of the conditions and problems listed below. Their main goal is to help you improve the quality of your life by helping you to maintain your independence, help to reduce pain and increase mobility.

If you are Elderly

and would like more information on the range of government funded aged care services that may be available to you, please visit My Aged Care

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If you are a Case Manager or HCP Coordinator

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We can help with:


Ailments that arise as we get older

Arthritis Age



People with dementia


Increasing strength


Rehabilitation after operations such as hip or knee replacements


Preparation for a knee or hip replacement operation


Rehabilitation after an injury or stroke


Reduced mobility and general stiffness


Seniors with Parkinson’s disease


Reducing the possibility of injury or illness


Choosing the right walking aid for you

Health First Group’s service has such a positive impact on the lives of elderly clients every day. What can seem like simple daily tasks can be made a whole lot better by relieving pain and helping our clients to move easier and walk further. The results can make a huge difference in the life of people who have been in pain, frustrated and limited in their independence.

In-clinic consultations

In-clinic consultations

Your local Health First Clinic is equipped with the latest technology and treatment methodologies to assist with a broad range of conditions. We accept referrals for Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) White Card, Gold Card and Gold TPI Card holders.

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In-home consultations

In-home consultations

We understand that getting to a clinic is not always easy. It can often be more convenient to have a therapist physio come to you. Health First Group has a strong passion to help seniors stay mobile, safe and happy wherever they call home. We have experienced therapists who are excited to visit you or the one you love at each of our locations.

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Consultation at my aged care facility

Consultation at my aged care facility or retirement village

Getting caring and personalised help from allied health professionals in an aged care facility or a nursing home is not always easy. And getting to a physio clinic for residents of aged care facilities is almost impossible. We can help by coming to your aged care facility!

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Strategic Partnerships

Aged Care Providers and Agencies

Health First Group works closely with a range of Case Managers and Home Care Package Coordinators to deliver high-quality Allied Health services within the community.

Our rates are extremely competitive whilst maintaining the highest quality of service. Our Allied Health services are delivered within government guidelines and we work with community package providers and their clients, to design treatment goals within an achievable frequency and duration.

Health First Group will report back to Case Managers with initial assessment reports as requested and also provide recommendations for further treatment and management. Reports are completed promptly, and we aim to send these within four days of the initial consultation.

We currently provide brokerage services for a range of government-funded streams:

  • Home Care Packages (HCP) Level 1-4
  • Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)
  • Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) Program
  • Transition Care Services (TCP)
  • NDIS Funding

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Health First Group works closely with a number of private and not-for-profit Aged Care facilities and Retirement Villages to provide highly skilled on-site physiotherapy and other complementary allied health services. Our caring and experienced clinicians are able to supplement your in-house allied health team on a full- or part-time basis, giving you peace of mind when you need it most.

If you are an aged care provider and would like to enquire about partnering with Health First Group to provide on-site allied health services at your facility, please click the button below.

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