Chronic Ankle Instability



Does your ankle keep rolling?

Ankle sprains account for up to one third of all sport injuries. About a further 30% of patients may develop chronic ankle instability (CAI), which greatly limits their professional or recreational activities. 

This condition is mostly characterized by a frequent giving way of the outer side of the ankle. It can affect anyone! Both the elite athlete and the stay at home mom. Adequate rehabilitation is imperative to avoid this stability in the long run…and the short run.

People with chronic ankle instability often complain of a repeated turning of the ankle, especially on uneven surfaces or when participating in sports 


Chronic ankle instability usually develops following an ankle sprain that has not adequately healed or was not rehabilitated completely. When you sprain your ankle, the connective tissues are stretched or torn and the ability to balance is often affected. Proper rehabilitation is needed to strengthen the muscles around the ankle and retrain the tissues within the ankle that affect balance. Failure to do so may result in repeated ankle sprains.


Make an appointment today to get a thorough assessment of your ankle structures and the structures affecting the instability. 


Treatment for chronic ankle instability is based on the results of the examination and tests, as well as on the patient’s level of activity. Exercises to strengthen the ankle, improve balance, range of motion, and retrain your muscles and ultimately return you back to your baseline of activity prior to your ankle instability.

  • Bracing. Some patients wear an ankle brace to gain support for the ankle and keep the ankle from turning. Bracing also helps prevent additional ankle sprains.
  • Topical ointment: We sell Fisiocrem at our practice and it is useful for temporary relief of pain.
  • Strapping: to support your ankle during the initial phases of rehabilitation and improving blood flow to the affected area, thus aiding in healing. We also sell strapping at our practice- colours of your choice! We will teach you how to strap it up too. 😊